Tissue Salts Therapy

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Facial Analysis of Mineral Deficiency

The Cell Salts of Life. Seeing is Believing. Whole Body Analysis

Presented by: Mary Hattingh

Presented by: Maria Arora


  • In depth profile of each of the 12 Tissue Salts
  • How to identify signs of biochemical mineral deficiency using facial analysis
  • How to get quick relief in first aid situations
  • The impact of mineral deficiencies on health and wellbeing


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  • Practical tips to identify Tissue Salts deficiencies in your clients in a matter of minutes
  • When, how and why to combine Tissue Salts
  • Master dosage strategies combined with body analysis techniques to assist accurate, simple and effective prescribing

Bonus: 1 hour Q&A session with maria Arora

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Facial Analysis of Mineral Deficiency

Facial Analysis:

The face is not only a clear instructional and prescribing template for Cell Salts but also a very good barometer for tissue and general health. Acute changes and fluctuations are not only first shown in the face but to the trained eye, even more long term changes are visible. Tissue health reflects, not only on color, lines, texture and appearance, but also in symptomatology.

What You Will Learn:

  • What are the Cell Salts and how they function
  • How cell salts can synergisticallly benefit your naturopathic prescribing protocols
  • How to identify signs of biochemical deficiency using facial analysis
  • How to get quick relief in first aid situations


Presented by: Mary Hattingh

Mary is a qualified pharmacist with a passion for integrative and preventative health. This passion led her to further her studies in Homeopathy and Bioregulatory Medicine. She has harnessed her wealth of clinical experience to provide support and promote these modalities in holistic health clinics and practices.


The Cell Salts of Life. Seeing is Believing. Whole Body Analysis

Clinical Applications

Learn why, when, where and how to apply Schuessler Tissue salts. Regardless of your main modality, learn why the balance of cell metabolism is often one of the missing ingredients to success.


Master dosage strategies of tissue salts so that you can be sure of the correct regime for the differing presentation pictures or ailments.

Areas Covered Include:

  • Common clinical conditions
  • Colds and Infections
  • Chronic infection in children and adults
  • Stubborn and acute skin conditions
  • Stress
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Chronic UTI's


Presented by: Maria Arora

Maria is an experienced Naturopath in one of the most difficult to treat areas of patient care Skin. Her remarkable ability to create lasting change is achieved with special attention to detail within each and every case. Maria lectures not only Nationally but Internationally on Natural Medicine care. She believes Tissue Salt deficiency to be a fundamental but often overlooked foundation of good patient care. Maria with great passion will elucidate this Metabolic and Treatment system for other Practitioners to be able to use the minute they leave the lecture.


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