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The Adrenal Epidemic

The Thyroid-Adrenal Dilemma

Presented by: Vanessa Hitch

Presented by: Vanessa Hitch


  • The effect of adrenal dysfunction on energy, hormones and the stress response
  • Practical clinical solutions for improving energy, hormonal balance and reducing the stress response
  • Why the "allostatic load" is critical in ANS health and can affect cytokine regulation
  • About the hormonal "steal" happening in your adrenal patients and how to correct it
  • How to improve your patients' sleep pattern


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  • The adrenal / thyroid connection and how cellular energy production is affected by stress
  • The impact of sympathetic and parasympathetic dominance and how to prescribe accordingly
  • Why understanding whether your patient is a fast or slow oxidiser is important
  • Unique assessment techniques, which help assess and monitor your patient's progress in fatigue and exhaustion, thyroid function and HPA Axis dysfunction

BONUS: 1 hour Q&A with Vanessa Hitch

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The Adrenal Epidemic - A New Class of Adrenal Therapy

Most practitioners are currently seeing unprecedented levels of adrenal dysfunction, causing wide-ranging tissue damage and more insidiously tissue resistance.  This presentation will outline practical solutions for almost every client walking through your doors.

Are you seeing patients who:

  • Are deeply exhausted or anxious
  • Have brain fog or cognitive impairement
  • Have low thyroid function
  • Are hormonal
  • Are plagued by chronic infections
  • Are challenged or unresponsive to treatment
  • Have chronic inflammation
  • Have sleep issues
  • Have mood swings
  • Are difficult to detoxify 
  • Present like the walking dead???


  • How to quickly improve your patient's energy and get them back to the land of the living
  • The impact of cortisol dysfunction and how to prescribe effectively
  • Clinical clues and body signs to quickly determine treatment strategies


The Thyroid-Adrenal Dilemma

Discover the most talked about clinic solutions for stress and fatigue!


  • How to improve your patient's resilience to stress and fatigue
  • How pH imbalance is linked to Adrenal and Endocrine dysfunction
  • Easy ways to balance thyroid function


Presented by: Vanessa Hitch, B.Sc.(CompMed), N.D.

Vanessa is a naturopath with over 17 years experience as a clinician, speaker, educator and formulator both in Australiaand New Zealand.

Facilitating wellness seminars and teaching nutrition, Vanessa designs highly educational and motivational training modules, keeping students and practitioners engaged and at the top of their game.


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