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Verified Clinical Approaches to Pain & Stress

Presented by: Natalie Tsolakis

Part 1: Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

Key Learning Points:

  • A new approach to pain management
  • Best practice prescribing
  • Update of latest research

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Part 2: Treatment of Stress & Allostatic Load

Key Learning Points:

  • Why low dose therapy is the preferred first step in treatment
  • The remarkable, profound and unexpected results of recent research Why the system that is most reactive to stimuli reacts so well to
  • BioRegulatory approaches

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Verified Clinical Approaches to Pain & Stress

Part 1: Prevention of Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain

How to Prevent Acute Musculoskeletal Pain from Becoming Chronic

The topic of how acute pain can transition into chronic pain within the field of musculoskeletal disorders will be explored using a systems medicine/network thinking approach.
Cutting-edge theory that suggests dysregulated inflammatory networks and the microenvironment could be the underlying cause of all types of pain. This may also answer the challenging question of how and why acute musculoskeletal pain can change to chronic pain.

With this in mind, practitioners of BioRegulatory Medicine may indeed have the most suitable tools to assist the body in preventing this change from taking place using medications with BioRegulatory properties.


Part 2: Treatment of Stress & Allostatic Load

Understanding the BioRegulatory Approach to Chronic Stress

An update on the topic of stress and allostatic load, with special reference to clinical decision making and the use of a BioRegulatory therapeutic approach in addressing the effects of chronic and/or excessive stress.
The effects of chronic and/or excessive stress, also defined as allostatic load, has long been implicated in the etiology and pathophysiology of a number of physical and mental conditions that pose a significant threat to public health. In spite of the widespread recognition of these stress-related consequences, medical science has struggled for decades to understand the relationship between allostatic load and disease. Furthermore, the term "stress" is at best an ambiguous term. For some, it means excitement and challenge while for many others, it reflects an undesirable state of chronic fatigue, worry, frustration and inability to cope.


Presented by: Natalie Tsolakis

Is currently a Medico-Scientific Manager at the International Association of BioRegulatory Medicine in Baden- Baden, Germany. One of her roles is to use modern scientific literature to support the principles and practice of bioregulatory medicine. She also assists in the transfer of these principles through the development of educational and marketing materials and the development and maintenance of leaders and speakers in bioregulatory medicine.
Dr Tsolakis graduated from Durban University of Technology, South Africa in 1995 and 2001. Her education includes a Master's diploma in Homeopathy and Master's degree in the Technology of Chiropractic. She has undertaken further training in a number of biological medicine and sports injuries rehabilitation courses, in addition to both basic and advanced training in Biopuncture with founder Dr Kersschot.
Dr Tsolakis was a lecturer at the Durban University of Technology in topographical anatomy, manipulative therapy skills and clinical diagnostics while also working in private practice. She later set up a multidisciplinary health clinic where she practised and managed full time for 10 years. Her special interests are musculoskeletal pain disorders, in particular lower back and cervical spine, sports medicine, weight management and female and adolescent health.


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