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Up-To-Date and Latest: Acid-Base Balance
Research from Around the World

Presented by: Juergen Vormann


Research at the very cutting edge of Acid-Base Balance looking at the important areas of:

  • Energy Production
  • Weight Loss
  • Fat Metabolism

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Clinical Parameters: Key Clues. Who Requires It?
When Do They Require It and When Is It
a Key Priority?

Presented by: Rachel Arthur


  • The how and why of interpreting acid-base balance, treatment and clinical tips
  • Correct interpretation of acid-base imbalance pathology markers
  • Understanding when and how to use additional in-house acid-base clinical assessments

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Latent Acidity, Immune Function, Inflammation
& Gut Diversity: Clinical Pearls in Prescribing for Every Aspect of pH Balance

Presented by: Vanessa Hitch


  • The link between latent acidity and gut dysbiosis
  • Supporting methylation and MTHFR function through managed pH regulation
  • Why your patients may have depleted Glutathione levels and how to rapidly correct Glutathione activation in the body

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TOPIC 1: Up-To-Date and Latest Acid-Base Balance Research from Around the World 

As we know, every part of your body relies on the correct pH balance to maintain homeostasis, tolerating only very small shifts to prevent catastrophic cascades. It is now becoming clear that pH management will not only prevent illness of which there is much data. It has been discovered in recent research that it will aid weight loss, energy levels and muscle recovery.

Learn first hand this exciting new and replicated research.


Presented by: Juergen Vormann

Professor Juergen Vormann who received a doctorate in "Pharmacology and Toxicology of Nutrition" from the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, is currently a

Professor at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University Hospital Centre in Berlin Charite Campus Benjamin Franklin.

TOPIC 2: Clinical Parameters: Key Clues. Who Requires It? When Do They Require It and When Is It a Key Priority?

Acid-Base Balance:  we all need it, but which of your patients has the most urgent need for help? Redressing this issue may be the first domino that needs to fall for optimal health.

In this presentation Rachel helps you to interpret and assimilate a range of pathology markers, in-house clinical assessments and medical history examinations, enabling you to recognise those patients with the greatest need.


Presented by: Rachel Arthur

Rachel Arthur is a respected and widely published Australian naturopath specialising in integrative nutrition. With over 20 years' experience in both the clinic and the classroom, Rachel has become one of Australia's leading nutritional educators, delivering post-graduate training and mentoring to allied health care professionals and doctors alike. She is regularly asked to speak at key conferences such as those organised by MINDD, ACNEM & AIMA and contribute work to authoritative texts including all four editions of the award-winning Herbs & Natural Supplements An Evidence-Based Guide (Elsevier).

Rachel maintains a very busy private practice. Her enthusiasm for the field and a desire to share her knowledge ensures her presentations are both inspiring and empowering experiences for attendees.

TOPIC 3: Latent Acidity, Immune Function, Inflammation & Gut  Diversity. Clinical Pearls in Prescribing For Every Aspect of pH  Balance.

In this session, we will look at prescribing for every aspect of pH imbalance and gain insight into how latent acidity and gastrointestinal dysbiosis are intricately linked.

Loss of gastrointestinal microbial diversity is becoming even more prevalent and underpins many inflammatory and immune conditions, as does latent acidity.

Despite probiotic supplementation, the many species colonising our delicate microbiome are susceptible to pH imbalance and, in some cases, even destroyed by certain probiotic strains

Without addressing the underlying pH of the mucosal terrain and improving microbial diversity, the benefits of anti-microbial or antibiotic agents for dysbiosis are, at best, a short-term solution. They may even be counter-productive to our efforts to address inflammatory and immune conditions.


Presented by: Vanessa Hitch

Vanessa is a naturopath with 15 years experience as a clinician, speaker, educator and formulator both in Australia and New Zealand. Facilitating wellness seminars and teaching nutrition, Vanessa designs highly educational and motivational training modules, keeping students and practitioners engaged and at the top of their game. Vanessa's qualifications include a degree in Health Science in Complementary Medicine from Charles Sturt University, diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine & Homoeopathy. Vanessa's passion for supporting and empowering practitioners and her dynamic speaking style will make this an inspirational and informative event.


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