How can the benefits of Homotoxicology be maximized?

Homotoxicology is often combined with conventional medical treatment. In many cases, a complementary approach with homotoxicology can offer superior health results by treating the underlying imbalances, optimizing the body’s natural defense systems, and promoting more optimum functioning of the body’s tissues.

In Homotoxicology, homeopathically manufactured combination products are designed to work with the body's defense mechanisms and facilitate the body's elimination of toxic substances. Combination homeopathic products are used by health care practitioners trained within the conventional medical paradigm, as well as those trained in non-conventional medicine.

Homotoxicology is the bridge between orthodox medicine which has a focus on tissue integrity and homeopathy which has a focus on the systemic effects of imbalance within the person.

For example, some Acupuncturists effectively combine homotoxicology with western medicine, acupuncture, and herbs. It is believed that acupuncture works much better when the bodies channels and connective tissues are without blockages from large amounts of toxicity.

Acupuncture and herbs also support the process of detoxification. For most patients, the combined effectiveness of homotoxicology, acupuncture, herbs, and western medicine is superior to the benefits of any of these treatments given alone.


Please note that homotoxicology should be viewed as an adjunct to and not a substitute for standard medical treatment. Especially in the more advanced stages of degeneration and dedifferentiation, it is important to combine homotoxicology with conventional medical care.


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