How do Antihomotoxic preparations work?

Homoeopathic or Antihomotoxic preparations act against symptoms and also stimulate the detoxifying functions of the lymphatic system and the connective tissues. A great number of health problems respond well to antihomotoxic therapy. The phase of a patient's symptoms or disease determines which particular antihomotoxic preparation a health practitioner will use.

Antihomotoxic medicines are specialized preparations that are available only from health professionals and pharmacies with experience in homotoxicology. This ensures that patients receive the maximum health benefits offered by this system of natural medicine. All of the conditions listed under the Six-Phase Table of disease development, can be treated with homotoxicology.

Homotoxicology practitioners assess the level at which toxins have penetrated the individual patient. Treatment plans vary according to the complexity of the patient’s condition. Acute symptoms are often treated first, followed by the underlying chronic condition. Healing usually occurs in reverse chronological order from organs of major importance to those of lesser importance in relation to the disorder.

Many conditions treated with homotoxicology require a detoxification and connective tissue activation phase lasting six weeks followed by a twelve-week drainage phase. The combination of remedies chosen is based on the phase of illness and the dominant organ systems involved. As the body clears and begins to regulate, remedies often require adjustment. Since everyone is a unique individual, the course of treatment will vary. In general, most conditions will require 12 to 18 weeks of consistent remedy use. For more severe problems, the time of active remedy use can take up to a year.As toxins are expelled from the body, patients should be aware that symptoms may initially worsen or past symptoms may be exhibited.

This is a normal and valuable progression of healing and detoxification. If symptoms are severe, remedies are altered to make the healing process more comfortable. It is important to report any changes to the homotoxicology practitioner. New symptoms or patterns aid in determining the optimum individual treatment plan.

Homotoxicology is generally a more gradual process compared to the rapid effects of traditional allopathic medicine. All homotoxicology treatments are compatible with standard medical approaches. There are no known drug interactions.


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