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Advanced Detox

  • Methylation, genome variations, SNP's MTHFR what does it all mean? Vanessa Hitch will help you understand this complex topic and illustrate its relevance to detoxification
  • The effect of excess amines, histamine, ammonia and heavy metal toxicity on health and how to safely and effectively detoxify them

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Tissue Salts Therapy

SEMINAR 1: Facial Analysis of Mineral Deficiency

SEMINAR 2: The Cell Salts of Life. Seeing is Believing. Whole Body Analysis

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$75 AUD incl. GST 

Thyroid-Adrenal Health

SEMINAR 1: The Adrenal Epidemic - A New Class of Adrenal Therapy

SEMINAR 2: The Thyroid-Adrenal Dilemma

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Gut-Brain Axis

TOPIC 1: The Role of Bio-Regulatory Medicine in the case of Functional Somatic Syndromes

TOPIC 2: The Mind and the Microbiome: Clinical Applications of the Gut-Microbiota-Brain Axis

TOPIC 3: The Link Between Adrenal Fatigue and Dysbiosis - Prescribing Focus

TOPIC 4: Navigating Functional and Biomedical Testing for Successful Prescribing

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Acid-Base Balance

TOPIC 1: Up-To-Date and Latest: Acid-Base Balance Research from Around the World

TOPIC 2: Clinical Parameters: Key Clues. Who Requires It? When Do They Require It and When Is It a Key Priority?

TOPIC 3: Latent Acidity, Immune Function, Inflammation & Gut  Diversity. Clinical Pearls in Prescribing For Every Aspect of pH  Balance.

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Acid-Base Balance in Action 

  • From theory to application, from diagnosis through initial treatment and maintenance management
  • Highly interactive and peppered with case studies, this workshop will answer all your acid-base questions.

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Nervous System & Musculoskeletal Health

The topic of how acute pain can transition into chronic pain within the field of musculoskeletal disorders will be explored using a systems medicine/network thinking approach.

As well as an update on the topic of stress and allostatic load, with special reference to clinical decision making and the use of a BioRegulatory therapeutic approach in addressing the effects of chronic and/or excessive stress.

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